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11th March 2017 walk to Parkend Moss

11th March 2017 walk to Parkend Moss
Daffodils at side of footpath
A close up of the Wild Daffodils at side of the footpath
Wild Daffodils at side of the footpath.
Information board in Brigsteer Park Wood.
Rain drops on moss at side of the footpath
Wild Daffodils at side of the footpath
Wild Daffodils at side of the footpath
A views of the trees in the woods.
Pat walking through Park Wood.
Pat walking to wards the Bird hide
Reeds on the moss.
The view from the bird hide.
We park the car at the small National Trust car park on the southern side of Brigsteer Park Wood, the aim of today's walk was to walk to Bird hide at Parkend Moss, we pick best time of the year to do this walk with the Wild Daffodils in full bloom.

The first part of walk was fairly easy, as it was down hill with Daffodils on both sides of the footpath, were out in full bloom. The footpath soon level out as we hit valley floor, a bit further along the path there was small stream to cross, then it was pleasant walk through the woods.

Once we came out of the woods, we followed the footpath down to bird hide and spend several minutes looking at the views across Parkend Moss before following the footpath back up to Parkend End Farm where we join Parkend Lane which followed back through the woods, Pat was starting flag, so I speeded on head to collect the car and pick her up.

Yes it was interesting little walk to place that I never been to before but cycle pass it several times over past three years  that Parkend Moss as been open.

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Walk report by Simeon Orme
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