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2015 Photo Galleries
12th April 2015 ride to Cafe d’Lune
Copyright 2004 to 2022 D. Simeon Orme
The cake photo at Cafe d’Lune.
Copyright 2004 to 2022 D. Simeon Orme
A view of the Lune Valley cycle path on way out of Lancaster heading back up to Halton Station.
Ride report by Simeon Orme It was one of those days where the weather report for the day was grim but on the off chance that it could improve, I head off for a ride. I did miss the flying pigs over the River Lune as got a e-mail later on in the day from Michael wondering why I had not made it to morning coffee stop at JC County but it was one of those days I did think any one mad enough but me to be out in the elements but I omly made it as far Conder Green where I stop to look at the time and decide that Cafe d’Lune was better option, than fighting the wind and rain to ride on to the morning cafe stop at Forton. After my morning brew stop the weather had not improve, so I turn around headed back up Lune Valley Cycle path back to Halton.   You click here to see photos of webmaster new bikes or you can click here to see what’s new on the website.