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The Unveiling of the Wayfarer Stone Witnessed by H.S. Williams
Here the Wayfarer Stone being put in place by Charlie Chadwick and John Matthews
Charlie Chadwick, John Matthews and Bob Harrison having a tea break.
John Matthews and Nelson looking at the view.
Much hard work and planning by small but enthusiastic group of Lancashire and North Wales members of the Fellowship came to a very successful conclusion at 2 pm on Sunday 16th June 1957, when our President unveiled a small stone memorial to ‘Wayfarer’, pioneer rough-stuff enthusiast. A gather of more that 80 members of the Fellowship and friends assembled at summit of the Bwlch Nant Rhyd Wilym - one of Wayfarer’s favourite crossings and the subject of one his best known articles, under the title ‘Over the Top’- to witness the occasion and hear Sir Hugh R.Rankin Bt. Pay tribute to the memory of this well-loved figure amongst tourists. From the four corners came personal acquaintances of Wayfarer; cyclists whose mode of cycling life was greatly influenced by his prolific pen, and cyclists of a younger generation to whom he is but a revered name. All came on this pilgrimage to pay tribute to the memory of a friend. I spoke to many, young and old, and they all agreed that the simple ceremony was a fitting as site of the stone is perfect.