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8th July ride to Ingleton (Page two)

18th July ride to Ingleton (Page two)
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A view of old shed in a field near Old Wennington
Sunlight on Rowen leaf near Old Wennington
Sneezewort at side of the lane
The lunch time view at Lower Westhouse
The lunchtime  view
A Oxeye Daisy in Lower Westhouse
A tree in field near Thornton-in-Lonsdale
The view looking back along Dumb Tom's Lane
Rowen leaves in the hedge at side of Dumb Tom's Lane
The view looking up the River Wenning in Wennington
The cake photo at the Bridge House Farm Tearoom in Wray.
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Its something us locals who live in North Lancashire tend to forget, once you pass Lancaster on the M6, its takes longer to get to places, folk don't like in big cities but in small villages and towns, so catchment areas for cycling clubs are bigger, so when ever I am organizing cycling ride which plan on leading I have this in mind and why tend to start rides I lead from inside a café or tearoom, its give chance for those of us on the ride to chat to get know each before setting off on the ride.

Cycling as many forms, you can be mountain biker or racing cyclist or just leisure cyclist or someone who cycle to work, this is reflected in UK that we have two national clubs which most cyclists belong to depending if they are into leisure cycling or cycling as sport.

The type of cycling that I enjoy is traditional cycle touring this is reflected in choice of the two cycling clubs that I belong to, these being Cycling UK and the Rough-Stuff Fellowship.

The think about traditional cycle touring is about using your bike to go out there to see what there in the world and on ride, you may off-road and on road.

On my rides there plenty stops as enjoy the art of photography and also enjoy visiting cafes and tearooms, its only time I get  to eat cake is on cycle rides. I have no problem getting off my bike and pushing bike up hill, when I am leading ride, I am into keeping the group together and going at reasonable speed which everyone on the ride will enjoy, waiting for folk to catch up at top of hills.

For those regular visitors to my website, yes I do have few folk do like to read these ride report and which sometime take me a few hours to write, who are wondering what is he going on about, well there be some moaning about speed of rides in the local Cycling UK group which putting off some riders going out with them and with local two local Rough-Stuff Fellowship groups about the lack rides and folk willing to lead them.

So last week, I decided to get off backside and do something about it and put together a events list for this website in house cycling group. The rides are aim at Cycling UK and Rough-Stuff Fellowship members and if you planning on coming on  one of  my future rides would please join one of these clubs. Weather the rides are success or not is up to you.

I did expect any pigs flying over Bridge House Farm Tearoom in Wray, when got there has only put the ride list up on the website on the Thursday evening so expect that I would myself for the ride which prove to be true. One problem of speed of local Cycling UK group rides was highlight when 8 members flew pass me as heading through Claughton I don't if it was race to be first in the queue at the morning coffee stop or not, but when I  use ride with Lancaster CTC Section, if the ride leader was dreaming of being in the Tour de France he was politely told to knock the speed down and late Fred Lloyd had a cue for anyone passing him on ride when he was leading it, he would turn off next junction when the rider some distance a head of  him.

Club cycle riding is about enjoying day cycling with group of friends and duty of the ride leader is keeping that group together, as well taking them on interesting ride. A lot of folk think they can lead a ride and only few can. One of best ride leaders that I know of was late Fred Lloyd he was master of the art of leading a ride and regularly came out on my rides until he was 80.

Anyway there was know one joining for coffee and cake at the tearoom, so around 10.30am I followed the tarmac up the Hindburn Valley to Mill Houses. Then followed Russells Lane out of Mill Houses which is a lot easier climb out of Hindburn  Valley, after mile or so I was soon dropping down to Wennington where there was short section on the B6480 before the lane up and passed Moss House Farm where there some old farm buildings which worth stopping to look at. I soon turn off the tarmac at Hill Top to follow the public byway to Old Wennington which is border hamlet between Lancashire and North Yorkshire, with half the hamlet in Lancashire and the other half in North Yorkshire. I don't which half of the hamlet as the cheaper council tax.

After a bit more climbing, I was soon heading down into the Greta Valley where I cross over River Greta in Burton-in-Lonsdale which as beautiful church which towers over the village and there also steep climb up into village once you cross over the river via the bridge.

There very short section A 687 in Burton-in-Lonsdale before turn off it to follow a quite network of lanes up to Lower Westhouse. Has headed through Lower Westhouse there sound of singing flooding out of full church. I soon stop to enjoy my lunch on bench in the village.

As I was myself, decide to do short section on the A65 before following the lanes through Far Westhouse and Thornton-in-Lonsdale before heading Ingleton where I was planning to have café but it was to busy with Forties weekend in full swing.

After making my way through Ingleton, I cross back over the A65 and then followed tarmac through Moorgarth, then heading along Dumb Tom's Lane (Which is part of network lanes on the ridge between Wenningdale and the Greta Valley) down to Wennington where I re join  the B6480 which followed back to Wray and stop for another brew at the Bridge House Farm Tearoom in Wray before heading for home.

You can click here to see photos of 22nd July ride around the Silverdale and Arnside Area or you can click here to download 19.2 mile route to Ingleton or you can check out forthcoming events page. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter.
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Ride report by Simeon Orme