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22nd July 2018 ride around Arnside and Silverdale Area (Page two)

22nd July 2018 ride around the Arnside and Silverdale Area (Page two)
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The view from the bridleway looking across White Moss
The group heading along the bridleway towards Nineteen Acre Lane
Stopping to look at the locks at Tewitfield on the Lancaster Canal
Following the towpath along side the Lancaster Canal into Carnforth
One of the most useful features on the RSF website for ride leader is that members and non members can register their interest in a ride, so that I had good ideal that some one would be coming out on the ride, has I had received four e-mails from the RSF website saying four strangers that I did not know would be coming out on the ride.

I was soon join by Annie and Brian, we enjoyed coffee and chat inside Refreshment Room on Carnforth Railway Station while waiting others to turn up, as the clock got near to 10.30am we were join by David who travel some distance up the M6 to join us for the ride.

So we head out of Carnforth following the road towards Millhead before turning on to quite lanes, we were soon crossing over the River Keer via the foot / cycle bridge near Hagg Wood, then headed up the public byway into Warton. In Warton, we stop to look around the Old Rectory which is English Heritage site, if you never been its worth spending few minutes looking around, as free to do so.

After getting our History fix, we carry on through Walton which is quite a large village which as connections to George Washington to the first President of the United States and on 4th July, Independent Day a donated flag of the United States which once flown over the Capitol Buildings in Washington DC is display on the Chursh flag pole.

We headed out of Warton up the Coach Road, we avoided the steep climb up first part of the Old Coach Road by following permissive bridleway (which will close on 30th July 2018) from the Coach Road to Old Coach Road. We followed the Old Coach Road, a bridleway over shoulder of Walton Crag, one of the high points of Arnside and Silverdale Area of Outstanding Beauty. The track was quite easy to ride along as we headed down to Crag Foot. We were soon following the tarmac through the hamlet of Crag Foot then across Leighton Moss before following the lane to The Row where we stop to look at Bank Well one of four wells in the Silverdale Area.

From The Row, we followed the lanes around to Hawes Water where we got off the bikes to push them along the footpath around the tarn, its is worth doing as the footpath change into bridleway part way around the tarn. The views are outstanding at any time of the year around Hawes Water. There as be a lot of generation work been done over past few months around tarn with number trees being cut down which as improve the views of the tarn.

We stop for lunch on bench part way around the tarn.

After our lunch break, we continue pushing the bikes along the footpath, we got back on the bikes when the footpath turn into bridleway which we followed up to Challen Hall where we got back on the tarmac and followed the lanes around to Hazelslack Tower Farm where we took a few minutes to look at one of three towers of the Arnside and Silverdale ANOB.

After looking at tower from roadside, we followed the lanes across Silverdale Moss into Arnside where stop for few minutes at the pier to stop at the views, there were folk in Arnside wearing sweatshirts of the 'Friends of the Lakes District'.

We soon left crowds in Arnside, as we started the climb out of Arnside to follow the bridleway over the shoulder of Arnside Knott, it was quite steep climb with two of the party getting off their bikes to push them up the climb. At the top of the climb we stop to regroup and  look at the views across the River Kent into the Lake District National Park.

We carry along the bridleway, then followed the lanes through Elmslack and Silverdale before stopping at Wolfhouse Kitchen for coffee and cake which also the home of Wolfhouse Gallery.

After our café break, there was more lane work, as we headed out of the Silverdale area and then heading across Storrs Moss before bit climb up into Yealand Storrs. As we headed out of Yealand Storrs, we left the tarmac again to follow the short bridleway down to White Moss where sometimes if you lucky might see some deer.

We soon back on the tarmac again following Nineteen Acre Lane down to the A6 which we cross over before heading through the hamlet of Cinderbarrow, then we cross over West Coast Railway Line and then the M6 Motoway (The two main transport links in North West England) before heading down a more ancient right of way the towpath of the Lancaster Canal down to Tewitfield where we rejoin the tarmac to follow Kellet Lane to Kellet Lane Bridge before turning back on to towpath of the Lancaster Canal which we followed back to Carnforth where we said our goodbyes before heading for home.

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Ride report by Simeon Orme
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