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5th August 2018 ride to Gawthrop in Dentdale (Page two)

5th August 2018 ride to Gawthrop in Dentdale (Page two)
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A view of the footbridge over the River Dee at Ellers in Dentdale
The view from the footbridge at Ellers looking up the River Dee
Ox-eye Daisy on the River Bank by the foot bridge at Ellers in Dentdale
Geese in field near Gawthrop on the climb out of Dentdale
The cake photo at The Churchmouse at Barbon.
A tree in field near Whittingham
Hedge on the skyline near Arkholme
A lot of folk do not believe me, after climbing out of Halton for about mile its mostly down hill to Kirkby Lonsdale which is now on the border of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, it is always scenic ride up the Lune Valley following Kirkby Lonsdale Road and then B 6254 to Kirkby Lonsdale, the journey took just over hour to do and yes I was greeted with pigs flying over The Crossing Point Café which was surprising as there been general lack of interest in the ride from RSF members but I was greeted my Sandra (A Cycling UK Member) who lives in the same village as me and does a lot of cycle touring around the world.

The Crossing Point Café in Kirkby Lonsdale is a good meeting point for start of ride, I would roughly describe it as high class cyclist café which usually empty on Sunday morning at around 10am but does good coffee and café.

Once we put the world to right in the café, we head through Kirkby Lonsdale which is one of nicest places to live in England, I am inform it had come near top of the list of one those newspaper articles you get in the Sunday papers which most cyclist don't get time to read on Sunday, has out cycling.

Once we made it through Kirkby Lonsdale, we followed the tarmac to Kearstwick, then headed up quite lanes for next few miles with delightful views of the hills and mountains of the Yorkshire Dales National Park on the eastern side of the Lune. One highlight in Spring are the bluebells in Fleshbeck Wood which mark the start of the climb up to Ringmaden Park at centre of the park there old country house, when ever I cycling up this lane I take a photo of it.

Once we passed through Ringmaden, we followed the lane down to Ringmaden Bridge where we stop to look at the view  looking up the River Lune and for me to take a few more photos. I should point out that great believer in stopping to look at views and quite happy to get off my bike to push it up a hill.

Once we crossed over the River Lune, we followed the lane up to A683 which we did a short section on before following the lanes around to Middleton Hall Bridge which still waiting to be fix after that storm we had few years ago and come to conclusion that Cumbria County Council in know rush to fix it, as the temporary bridge slows the motor bike traffic down in that part of the Lune Valley.

We had another longer section on the A683 as headed through Middleton Head and a bit further up the Lune Valley before turning on to Jordan Lane which more scenic route for our journey into Dentdale, we did have to stop few times for cars coming the other way from the campsite at Holme Open Farm put once we got pass the farm, we only saw cyclist's coming the other way. It was a bit was climb up Holme Fell from Holme Open Farm put we found bench with good view at the top of the climb for our lunch stop.

The views from our lunch stop looking across the Rawthey Valley to Sedbergh and then the Howgill Fells were outstanding.

Once eaten our lunch, it was nice easy ride down into Dentdale, then we followed the lanes up the dale to Gawthrop, you can roughly describe the views on this part of ride as beautiful and leave it at that!

At Gawthrop, I have rode the bike up the climb out of Dentdale into Barbondale in the past but now that I am a bit older and a bit wiser, I just don't see the point wasting energy in trying when its far easier to push your bike up the climb and yes it may take few minutes longer but the hold point of cycle touring is about enjoying the ride.

It was fairly easy ride down Barbondale and yes there quite a few folk trying to do some sun bathing around Barbon Beck near Blindbeck Bridge but we did not stop to join them as we had appointment at The Churchmouse at Barbon for coffee and cake but we both decided to order the scones instead which I would recommend. If don't like wasps don't sit out side as we did.

After enjoying the delights of the scones and coffee, we head back down the Lune Valley back to Kirkby Lonsdale where we said our goodbyes, as Sandra call her husband to come and pick her up.

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Ride report by Simeon Orme