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19h August 2018 ride to Cockersand Abbey and Forton (Page three)

19th August 2018 ride to Cockersand Abbey and Forton (Page three)
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The view looking back along the Lancaster Canal towards Cockerham New Bridge
An Ash leaf at side of towpath of the Lancaster Canal
Female Mallard Duck on the Lancaster Canal
Reflections on the Lancaster Canal near Ellel Grange
The view looking through the bridge at Ellel Grange
A fly on flower at side of the towpath of the Lancaster Canal
The view looking over Junction Bridge of the Lancaster Canal
The view from Junction Bridge looking down the Glasson Branch of the Lancaster Canal
Flowers at side of the towpath of the Lancaster Canal
A cow in the Lancaster Canal near Lancaster
The cycle path sign back to Condor Green at the bottom of Aldcliffe Hall Lane
Just had to take a photo of this sign in Halton
Ride report by Simeon Orme
Signs for the ride were not looking good the day before with ex tropical storm blowing across Northern England in the earlier hours of Sunday morning but by time I had got up out of bed, it had done its worst, yes I was late getting up this was down to getting good deal on some computer software on Saturday and spending the rest of day waiting for it download which took along time, once I've got my head around how to use it and how I can use it on the website, you may see some photo stories using this software call Magix Photo Story Deluxe. If more folk use this sort of software to make video slide show for their social media pages would it make life more interesting.

Any way getting back to the ride, as a rule in the North West of England when there is bad weather forecast, its usually a good ideal to head for the coast where you have better chance of staying dry which in my case was true but from photos of RSF starting in Clapham and then heading over to Horton-in-Ribblesdale which you find on the RSF Facebook group it look a bit wet and damp underfoot.

Has mention before, I manage to stay dry all day!

Has I was running late, I had to but on some speed to get Condor Green on time, there were no pigs flying over Café d'Lune this morning and most folk with any common sense would roll gone back to sleep after hearing the weather report for the day.

Once I order my coffee and cake which cost me four pounds, I got chatting to member of the golf club where I work and his daughter about the golf club and other things, so left the café a lot near 11am than I had plan for, so has I was by myself I decided to stay near the coast and head towards Cockersand Abbey which I not visited for few year.

So followed the cycle path down the Lune Valley from Condor Green down to Glasson, then headed through Glasson up to Tithe Barn Hill where its worth stopping a few minutes to look at the view across the River Lune towards Sunderland which is small fishing village at mouth of the River Lune.

After the photo stop, there was small section of road work before heading along Marsh Lane which is bridleway that I followed to Crook Farm, then it was back on tarmac has followed the bridleway to Abbey Light Cottage where I got off my bike to push it along the footpath to Cockersand Abbey, the footpath does have three gates along it which are  not design for cyclist to use but worth the effort to go have look at Cockersand Abbey which can roughly describe what left of it as medieval cowshed but a lot of the houses in Bank Houses which a bit along the coast were build from remains of the Abbey.

After I taken photo of the Abbey, I followed the footpath down the coast to Bank Houses, on good weather day the views from the footpath are outstanding especial those views looking across Morecambe to the mountains of Lake District National Park in Cumbria.

In Bank Houses there was a very small section of road work before get off the bike to push along the footpath to Bank End which is worth doing for the views on both sides of the footpath.

At Bank End, I was back on tarmac again and was soon stopping again at memorial bench on shore near Hillam for some lunch.

After my lunch stop, I headed along Hillam Lane through Hillam up to the A 588 which I followed into Cockerham.

Then headed out of Cockerham on Cockerham Road, once cross over the River Cocker via Cocker House Bridge, like the river which is small stream, there only amount of climbing to do if you notice it to get out of Cocker Valley. At top of climb at Cockerham Road Bridge which a lot nearer to Forton than Cockerham. I decided to turn on to towpath of Lancaster Canal which those of you following this on the map or on mapping software start to get more interested in the route that I taking which about 70 percent of 17 mile ride from Condor Green and back to Condor Green is off road.

There was a lot to see as headed along towpath through Galgate and on towards the outskirts of Lancaster where turn off the it, to head through Aldclffe and then follow Aldcliffe Hall Lane down to Lune Valley Cycle path which followed back up the Lune Valley to Halton.

You can click here to see photos of 2nd September ride to Wharfe or you can click here to download the 17 miles  route or you  can check out forthcoming events page. Also checkout the What’s New Page to see what’s new on the site and you can also signup for site’s free weekly newsletter.

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